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Shirts for Watch Nerds

There are some things a watch lover can do to show off their passion for watches.

Besides wearing your favorite watch and strap combo of the day, wear a shirt that only a fellow watch enthusiast would understand. 

Watchgeek T-Shirt Officially Certified

Officially Certified Watch Geek

You're probably a watch nerd. Give yourself the official label with our Watch Geek t-shirt.


Who is Clicky Bezel?

Just a couple of watch geeks like you making shirts about watches for the #watchfam

About Clicky Bezel

"My husband is obsessed with watches and instead of buying him a watch for his birthday (he's picky with his watches), I got him a watch geek shirt! He never takes it off!"

Carolyn B.

"The perfect gift for a watch connessour."

Jason N.

"I wear my watch geek shirt to a local watch event. The quality feels great. Highly recommend it to any watch lover. "

Ben L.