Best Gifts for the Watch Enthusiast Under $50

Looking for a gift for that watch enthusiast that isn't a watch? 

From watch tools and straps to quirky watch related shirts, we’re here to help you find a gift that will make any watch geek happy!

Watch Roll for Travel and Storage | Hide and Drink

It’s highly likely that your watch enthusiast travels with more than one watch when on vacation. One for the morning excursion, another for an afternoon swim, the showpiece watch for the evening, and possibly another watch that is always with them wherever they go.

This watch roll by Hide and Drink is made of a waterproof waxed canvas, handmade in Guatemala. It even comes with a handwritten autograph of the person who crafted your roll! 

Watch Roll


Watch Geek T-Shirt | Clicky Bezel

Aside from wearing a watch enthusiasts recognize, there aren’t many ways to let others know you’re a horology nut.

Unless you have a fat sign on your head saying, “I’m a watch person!”

Clicky Bezels Watch Geek T-Shirt puts that label front and center for everyone to see. Any watch enthusiast will recognize the shirt design as a nod to the coveted Rolex redline 1680 Submariner but with a twist. 


Watch Straps | Archer Watch Straps, Cheapest Nato Straps

Let’s face it, sometimes us watch enthusiasts aren’t content with our collection so we end up buying another watch to scratch that itch.

Changing the strap on a watch is the best way to change the look of your watch completely and help fight that urge to buy another watch! 

These rubber straps from Archer are built well with a convenient quick release for easy strap changes and come in a variety of colors to complement any watch.

Archer Watch Rubber Strap

Cheapest Nato Straps also has a great collection of Premium Nato Straps that we recommend as well. They have an awesome bulk 20% discount when you buy 5 or more straps with free shipping over $25. With each strap coming in under $10, you’re getting a deal still under $50!

Cheapest Nato Straps


Watch Coffee Table Book | A Man & His Watch

A book about people that wear watches and the stories their watches have collected over the years. Does it get any better than that?

Not only is A Man & His Watch a good read, it also includes enlarged photos of famous watches that will keep any watch enthusiast drooling.

A Man & His Watch Book


Watch Tool Kit | Ohuhu

One of the joys of being a watch enthusiast is pretending to be a watchmaker every now and then whenever sizing a bracelet or opening up a caseback trying to diagnose why your watch is running slower than yesterday (as if you know what you’re doing).

This watch tool kit has all the necessary gadgets needed to do basic things like bracelet sizing, battery replacement, and if you’re brave enough, regulating your watch.

Ohuhu Watch Tool Kit

While you’re at it, might as well pair this with our Watchmaker’s Watchmaker T-Shirt to complete the look and unleash your inner watchmaker!

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